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Clyde Coast Mini League Rules & Regulations

Aim of Mini League : To promote competitive swimming to a high standard among younger swimmers.

1. The league will consist of Western District Affiliated clubs. All swimmers must have Scottish Swimming
(SASA) membership.

2. There will be three rounds with four or more matches in each round and four clubs in each match.

3. The eclosed programme will be swum in each match. The points scoring system will be common to all matches, the first three rounds 5,3,2,1. Point scoring for the finals will be 7,5,4,3,2,1.

4. A league convenor will be appointed and each participating club will appoint a league representative.

5. The league convenor will inform each representative of the groupings for each and the league positions after all the results for that round are received and checked. The web site will be updated regurlary.

6. League points will be awarded as follows: -

The winner of each match - five points
The second placed club - three points
The third placed club - two clubs
The fourth placed club - one point.

7. The groupings for each round will be determined as follows: -

Rounds 1, 2 and 3 . Allocated as per sheet

8. All matches will be swum under S.A.S.A. rules with qualifing age of 8 years by 30thh June.
Age as at 30th June:
All matches and the finals will be level 3 meet (non accredited meet).
Swimmers aged 8 and under, no rescriction on number of swims.
Swimmers have to be 8 years of age by 30th June
9,10 and 11 years old swimmers can only have two individual swims in the heats and finals with no restriction on the number of relay swims.

9 (a). Coaches have a duty not to swim swimmers unable to swim legal strokes

9 (b). Before the gala, referee to speak to all coaches and state how strictly the rules will be enforced bearing in mind 8 and 9 years will have minor infringements due to lack of experience. The ultimate decision must nevertheless lie with the referee.

10. After rounds three finishes and before 30th June, the top six clubs will swim-off for the A Final, and clubs 7 to 12 swim off in a B final date and venue to be arranged. Medals or pennants will be awarded to all clubs in both finals. A copy of the final results showing swimmers name and time will be sent to the clubs in both finals. Clubs 13 plus will receive a certificate or momento of the league.

11. Clubs missing a match will not be allowed to swim in either of the two finals. Unless very extenuated circumstances for missing a match. i.e. bus has mechanical failure or extreme weather conditions forcing the bus to return home. The committee would deal with any of these cases in conjunction with the clubs involved.

12. All host clubs to submit a licence and accreditation form to the WD swimming convenor, at least six weeks before the match is swum. The Clyde Coast league convenor will submit a license and accreditation form to the WD swimming convenor, at least six weeks before the Finals are swum. The Clyde Coast Leagues will pay the cost of this licence, which will be a level 3 meet (non-accredited meet)

13. A charge of £70.00 to be made each year. to cover convenors expenses, hire of the pool and purchase of trophies and medals. Cheques made payable to 'Clyde Coast Leagues'.

14. Any disagreement, which is forwarded to the league convenor, must be accompanied by a report from the coaches of the clubs involved. Any complaints must be lodged with the league convenor within 7 days of results being published.

15. Swimmers who change club part way through the league and have already competed in the league may not swim foe their new club till the following year.

Sponsoring Competing Clubs

Once the groupings for each round have been worked out the clubs in each match will be informed and the club at the top of the list will have first refusal on organising the match. If this is impossible, the second club must be given the chance to run the match and so on down the list.
If The date of a round is not suitable, the host club to be informed immediately and a new date will be mutuaaly agreed. If a match has been arranged, can only be changed if all clubs in that group agree to the change.

Host Clubs.

Bear in mind the finishing time of the gala where visiting teams have long journeys home with young swimmers, especially if school the next day. Saturday matches are preferable. All matches must be confirmed in writing within seven days, stating date, venue and warm-up times. The Visiting Clubs are to acknowledge receipt of this correspondence.

In the case of two clubs with equal league and match points for 6th place in the swim-off, the club that has swum against the greater number of clubs will be alloted the place. If the clubs are still equal a swim-off then needs to take place.

The host club must obtain a licence from the West District for each home match and also send each of the participating clubs in that round a copy of the results showing swimmers name and time.


Suggested that clubs provide a biscuit and a cup of tea for visiting parents and swimmers get crisps, juice etc that can be taken on the bus and eaten.

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