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Clyde Coast Winter League Rules & Regulations

Aim of Winter League: To promote competitive swimming to a high standard on the Clyde Coast and Hinterland areas.

1. The league will consist of SASA Western District Affiliated Swimming Clubs.

2. A club may enter more than one team.

3. For clubs with more than one team: The swimmers of each team are to be registered with the League Convenor before commencement of the first match. Additional swimmers may be registered if deemed necessary for subsequent rounds. A swimmer can move from a second team to a first team in certain circumstances
a) If on one occasion, the swimmer can subsequently swim for the second team.
b) If on two occasions the swimmer MUST remain in the first team.

4. The league will be made up of two or three divisions with at least 8 teams in each division. The divisions are decided on the final placings of the previous years league results with new clubs added in alphabetical order at the end.

5. Promotions and relegation will be determined on the final positions of the league. The two bottom clubs in division one and division two will be relegated to division two and division three respectively, and the top two clubs in division two and division three will be promoted to division one and division two respectively. The bottom two clubs of division three will have the right to apply to remain in that division but if any new clubs wish to join, then a swim-off will be held for the relevant places. Clubs to apply in writing before the A.G.M. is held. Should any team withdraw from any division, promotion and relegation will be adjusted accordingly to have at least 8 clubs in each division.

6. There will be FOUR matches with three or four clubs in each match.

7. A common, agreed programme will be swum in each match (programme attached).

8. The groupings of each round will be determined as follows: - Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4 are seeded depending on the final placings of the previous year's league with every club in each division meeting every other club in that division once.

9. Rules 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 can only be changed with a 2/3 majority at the AGM.

10. A league convenor will be appointed, and each participating club will appoint a league representative each year.

11. The league convenor will inform each league representative of the match groupings before commencement of the league and will update the league positions each month.

12. Once the groupings have been published, each group of clubs will organise between themselves the following: a. Which club will organise and hold the match i.e. the sponsoring club (see note A). b. The date upon which the match will take place (see note B). c. Officials, recorders finance etc.

13. The league representative for each of the sponsoring clubs for each match will inform the league convenor of the result of his/her club's sponsored match, including match points totals, names of swimmer on the form produced, the swimmers names must be entered on this form. The host club must provide a set of results after each match to all clubs, thus giving a check on performance and placings. If a swimmer is disqualified the reason has to be explained to the swimmers or coach at the time, and written on the time slips.

14. League points will be awarded as follows: - The winner of each match - four league points Second place - three league points Third place - two league points Fourth place - one league point. Any team not turning up to a match will be assumed to have taken part but will be awarded neither points nor league points. Clubs not turning up for a match will automatically be fined £25.00 the club in question will have the right to appeal. The West District League sub-committee will consider this appeal.

15. In the event of a problem arising which is not covered by the rules of the winter swimming league, it will be the duty of the league convenor and the West District league representatives, to make a final decision, with due regard to the S.A.S.A. Laws and Rules.

16. All matches will be swum under S.A.S.A. Rules. A swimmer can swim up an age group with no restriction on number of swims. Age as at 31st December.

17. Each match must be run by competent club officials who need not necessarily are S.A.S.A. officials. Each visiting club to provide a minimum of two officials per match who should not time or judge their own team. If host club require more than two officials from visiting clubs, written request to be made at least one week prior to match. W.D. officials to be asked to officiate at any match at the discretion of league convenor. Any costs being met by the league funds.

18. The trophies must be returned to the league convenor before the AGM. Trophies to be presented to the first and second clubs in each division. The first and second team swimmers in each division to be presented with medals (also third place swimmers in division one). Clubs failing to return trophies in time for presentation will be fined £25.00.

19. If any queries over gala procedure or the running of a gala arises the league convenor must be informed immediately.

20. A charge of £30.00 to be made each year. To be paid by 10th September to cover convenors expenses and purchase of trophies and medals. Cheques made payable to 'Clyde Coast Leagues'.

21. Host club to notify the visiting representatives in writing of date, venue and warm up time within 7 days of the match being arranged.

22. APPLICABLE ONLY TO LEAGUE MATCHES CARRIED OVER TO JANUARY OF THE FOLLOWING YEAR. only at the discretion of the League Convenor. In these galas only the age groups will be those used in the previous matches. Swimmers who change clubs at the beginning of the year are ineligible to swim in any leaguer match carried over from the previous year.

23. All host clubs to submit a licence and accreditation form to the WD swimming convenor, at least six weeks before the match is swum. The Clyde Coast Leagues will pay the cost of this licence. A copy of the form is enclosed.

24. Double headed matches are allowed to be swum but if a club wishes to swim a 'triple header' then all the clubs participating must agree. If one club disagrees then an alternative dates must be found for this match.

Once the groupings for each match has been worked out the clubs in each match will be randomly sorted into an order and the groupings will be published is this order. The club at the top of the list will have the first refusal on organising the match. Unless the host club can offer two dates, one of which is suitable to all participating clubs, the second club must be given the chance to run the match and so on down the list. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THIS PROCESS TAKES NOT MORE THAN A WEEK FOR A SPONSORING CLUB TO BE FOUND. If all four clubs have agreed on the date of the match and later one club wishes to change the date, this can only be done if the other three clubs are in agreement. It should also be borne in mind that some clubs would have difficulty in travelling on weekdays and a Saturday or Sunday match may have to be organised.

NOTE 'B' - MATCH DATES The four matches to be arranged by 24th September. The dates for the league are as follows: League starts 1st September and all matches to be swum by 21st December.
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